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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week 20 - Dec 21st - Merry Christmas!

It was a whirlwind of a week and I could hardly wait for Christmas for Scott to open his surprise! I know he was going to be so excited! He was definitely not expecting it and it was a bit comical. Scott is colorblind and so when he opened the gift from Baby Jolley, he wasn't sure he was looking at a pink outfit. It was a little shirt and pants that said 50% mommy, 50% daddy but I had to point out the picture before he figured it out! I was so proud of myself to be able to pull that off as he was seriously not thinking we knew the sex yet. I had told him on Christmas Eve that the Dr. didn't do the ultrasound (which he didn't!). He had sent me flowers that day with a note saying how excited he was to find out what the baby was and I had to call him and fib a bit. That just about did me in but I hung in one more day. What a wonderful time to be able to celebrate our Savior's birth. I'm finally feeling well and able to have family here to enjoy this season. (We were a little disappointed that the snow we received a few weeks ago had mostly melted and it really didn't snow enough to be able to take the kids sledding. And we were playing flu roulette as I think by the end of the week, just about all of us suffered a one to two day stomach flu that put us completely out of commission! So sorry to our San Diego'ns!)

But I have so much to be grateful for. Mostly for our Savior, Jesus Christ and his gifts of love and sacrifice we all have around us everyday! And for our Heavenly Father who has unconditional love for us all! This pregnancy has grown my testimony that He does loves us and knows us and our needs. I've learned that He does hear our prayers and sometimes the answer is "No", and sometimes the answer is "Not Now". I'm grateful for my wonderful husband who is such a kind, wonderful man and who is also my best friend. I'm grateful for my beautiful little boy Jackson who makes the world a better and interesting place to be. And despite this awful economy, we are blessed to have a home to keep us warm, the income from our jobs and enough for our needs. The blessings are endless!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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