And Here We Are AGAIN :(

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 26 - Feb 1 - And the Nausea Returns Again...

I had another Dr's appt and the according to the Dr., the baby is growing right on schedule. He hasn't done an ultrasound for some time and I have been a bit concerned about the pressure I've been having in my pelvis. Since I have had cervical problems in the past, I am getting concerned that the placenta was starting to cover my cervix. He did do an ultrasound but just to look at the distance between the placenta and the cervix which was a good enough distance apart that he wasn't concerned. Her head, though, was planted at the the very bottom of the placenta so he said he could understand the pressure I was having.

They also did my glucose test. I was very concerned how that would go since eating much sugar gets the nausea going real quick. In fact, I was wondering if I was going to be able to keep it down. That is some nasty stuff, and had to be taken on an empty stomach. But it came out normal! One worry down, no gestational diabetes to have to deal with!

I was a bit dehydrated though, big surprise. The nurse had a hard time finding a vein and butchered my arm pretty good.

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