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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 28 - Feb 15 - It's Getting Closer!

I'm now seeing the Dr. every two weeks. That's a bit sooner than most women start the two week schedule but my blood pressure has been a bit high, my ankles have been swelling and with the nausea and my freakish worries, the Dr. thought it best. My next appointment, they will do some more blood work.

But, I’m hanging in there. Things really aren’t too bad, just dealing with the little things that are day to day. I’m still having a hard time sleeping because my muscles and joints are not happy sleeping on my side. And I’ve noticed I’m more fatigued than usual, don’t know if it’s from not sleeping well or just where I’m at in my pregnancy.

I’ve been working more than normal which is good because it keeps my mind off all those little discomforts mentioned above. I don’t get tired working at the computer but picking up the house just nearly wipes me out! I’m finally starting to show a bit, I think my total weight gain is about 8 pounds but I’m feeling it pick up a bit. Which it should if she’s gaining the ½ pound a week from here on out.

For Valentines, we ended up going to two shows last Friday night and went up to Park City on Saturday to shop a little without Jackson. Scott’s mom took him those days so we just did what we felt like. I found a few things at the Motherhood store there that were really cheap. I kept telling the store lady I didn’t want to spend a lot since this would probably be a onetime thing and I only have less than 3 months left. But I’ll be hopefully helping more at Squire with tax season so I needed a few more pairs of slacks and shirts that would cover them!

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  1. Just stopping by to check in on you. Glad your still going strong. Take care.


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