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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 29 - Feb 22 - The Start of Childbirth Classes

It's been quite the eventful week. And mostly while I'm working to drag myself through it. I haven't been too successful taking my prenatals because they usually come right back up no matter what time of the day I take them. Unfortunately, the lack of iron and folic acid is leading to a case of anemia. My energy levels are nearly non-existant! It's going to be a vicious cycle to get my levels back up. Because with the nausea comes dehydration and iron causes blockage, I'm have other symptoms that are causing trouble!! I've been trying to eat more meat, spinach, citrus and broccoli in hopes of alleviating a lot of problems!! I have a Dr's appt next week and they will be doing a few blood tests to check all those things.

I finally made an appt to have a maternity massage. Since I'm carrying her so far into my back, her weight is settled on everything internal. My sciatic nerves, lower back and neck have just about had it!! I definitely waited too long as I think I hurt more after than when I went in. I scheduled a few more follow up visits and hope I can get feeling better before I deliver! I was sad that Jeremy, my massage therapist while I was training had left where he used to do massage. But I've found a new place and love it!

And speaking of delivery, I"M SCARED TO DEATH of childbirth!! I'm sure that I've become more of a worrywort as I get older but there are so many problems that could happen, it just freaks me out! Part of my infertility issues involved some cervical problems and I'm worried that it won't cooperate. Which could result in a C-Section and then the Dr. would have to cut through my severe endometrial scarring which could cause excess bleeding. Now is the time to really have faith and know the Lord will be looking out for us!

We started our 4 week Pre Natal classes this week. Gratefully, I was able to be at the birth of my brother's 3rd baby. (Although Erin made it look so easy and her midwife was amazing!). The first class was fairly low key but going over the stages of labor certainly don't make things any better!! Next week we will watch a few live births, I'm so curious how Scott will hold up!

And sadly, Scott's aunt Carol (his mother's sister) passed away this week, more unexpected than his dad's death. It's so hard to see them go and so many all at once!

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